SAM 400-series calibration white paper,



Poster on using SAM measurements for checking MODIS cirrus optical properties, presented at the MODIS-VIIRS Science Team Meeting, Washington, DC, January 2010.



Retrieving Properties of Thin Clouds from Solar Aureole Measurements, Journal of Oceanic and Atmospheric Technology, December 2009.


Poster on SAM measurements during the DOE ARM CLASIC field program, presented at the MODIS-VIIRS Science Team Meeting, Baltimore, MD, May 2008.



June 2007 deployment of three, second-generation SAM instruments to Oklahoma to support the DOE/ARM CLASIC and DOE/ASP CHAPS field campaigns (


A description of the SAM data products is contained in the short paper, "Description of SAM (Sun and Aureole Measurement) Sensor Data Collected in Support of CLASIC and CHAPS". The level 1 data (by date) is made available at that site.


Paper poster presented at AGU, The Meeting of the Americas, 2730 May 2008, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, "Sun and Aureole Measurements (SAM) During the DOE CLASIC and CHAPS Field Campaigns"