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SAM 200 SAM 300

200 series SAM unit

SAM instruments are available in two versions: Portable, man-tended (210 series), and Semi-autonomous (300 series).



The basic SAM 210-series system is a portable instrument that requires daily setup and take down. (can be monitored via laptop up to 50 feet away up to the limit of fire wire cable)

SAM 210-series system includes the following items:
  • calibrated aureolograph camera with single spectral filter (currently 670nm, other selections available)
  • calibrated optical depth measurement camera with 670nm filter
  • calibrated wide-field (HALO) measurement camera with 670nm filter
  • sun tracking mount and software
  • pedestal or tripod
  • dual processors with image acquisition software
  • an optional Vis/NIR wavelength spectrometer
  • on site training at Visidyne is available; 3-days minimum training is recommended



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